Friday, October 16, 2015


Hi Cupcakes!!

So, again, I'm writing to you from the car, on my "blogger" iPhone bear (bare?...I'll never learn that I swear) with me on the editing stuff until I can get to a computer!! 

Anyways! Today is a really fun day because I get to finally announce the very first ever giveaway on California Cupcake!!! I know I'm probably way too excited over this, but do me a favor and at least pretend to be equally excited...thanks. Okay, so I've teamed up with the awesome chick that runs Scarlett Jay, which is a new etsy shop that is up and running! She sells personalized foil art pieces that I totally love...I'm all about foil lettering right now! Anyways, we teamed up and came up with a super cute concept that she created and tonight, we are starting the contest for one lucky duck to win this print! The contest will be run through Instagram, so if you don't have one...well, get one, where have you been?! So make sure to watch out for it on @thecaliforniacupcake and @scarlettjay tonight and over the weekend! Can't wait to see who wins! 

That's all! New post...coming soon!! 

P.S. Here is the link to the Scarlett Jay Epsy store if you wanna check out/buy her other work!


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