About Me

Welcome Cupcakes!

I'm so happy you stumbled upon my little blog! 

I'm Shannan...

Dog lover, Craft lover, Do-it-yourself-er, Pinterest enthusiast, Interior Design student, and lover of all things home decor...

and these are my partners in crime...

My fiancĂ© (Does anyone else hate that word?) is a hockey referee. His job has taken us, and our dog, Tyson, to some pretty cool places in the last few years. And when I say "cool",  I really mean FREEZING. So far, we've lived in Massachusetts, Ohio, and are currently in the process of adding Minnesota to the list. Needless to say, growing up in California, and moving to all of these, what I like to call, "winter places", has made for some crazy adventures and life lessons.

Of all the challenges I have faced on this journey, one of the most difficult (and fun!) has been trying to make tiny, one bedroom, apartments feel like home. Join me on my (slightly ridiculous) adventure, creating new spaces and making the seriously ugly things, in home and in life, a little bit prettier! 


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