Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Updated Bedroom Furniture!!

Hi Cupcakes!
Can we just take a second to swoon over this transformation?!

 I think I'm in love. 

Okay, let's get down to business here...or something like that. 

This whole project started when my long-time BFF, Elysa, and I, were sitting on her bed having normal girly chit-chat. You know, hair, make-up, boys.....home decor, normal stuff. We were totally obsessing over these pinterest-perfect bedrooms with all white furniture and gold accessories...totally dreamy. 

But let's be real, at our age (early 20's), who has money to just go out and buy two new dressers and an entertainment center to match? If you do, I'm jealous, because I definitely do not. 

Being the stubborn women that we are, a lack of funds wasn't gonna stop us from getting rid of the old and bringing in something new (and pretty) !

So, let the DIYing begin!

We started with a trip to Home Depot, which is always a good time, and picked up a few things:

We bought a gallon of this white based primer for $10, literally, it doesn't get better than that. 

(Polar Bear)
We asked the paint specialist (I don't speak home depot, so we're calling them "paint specialists") for all the different shades of white and picked the one that was slightly less bright than the obnoxious highlighter white option they had. Also, it's called Polar Bear (cute right?) They whipped up a gallon for us while we finished our shopping. The paint was the most expensive part of this project coming in at $28.97 **Note : Semi-gloss is always best in my opinion because it's so easy to clean, but it doesn't give off that annoying glare that high-gloss paint does. 

I cannot stress enough how important this part is...DO NOT use the fuzzy rollers!! ONLY use the FOAM ROLLERS. If you use the fuzzy ones, they leave imprints of texture in your paint and you won't end up with a smooth surface. This kit cost us $6.97. It basically includes everything you need besides the paint itself. Sweet.

Obviously, in the before pictures you can see that the furniture doesn't have any hardware (knobs or pulls) , which, let's be honest, is outdated and kind of ugly. Besides, I will take any opportunity to add a little gold to something ;) . So we walked ourselves over to the hardware section and found these beauties and we just about died. Sold. $2.48 each. We bought 8 (3 for each dresser and two for the entertainment center doors) so it cost us about $20, which sounds like a lot, but honestly, we bought 8 of them, and just look at them! So gold....and so pretty. Worth every penny. 

Once all the shopping was done (sad face), it was time to get our hands dirty (painty? whatever). We started with these...

First we sanded everything lightly. Sanding before you paint is always a good idea because it gives the primer something to stick to and provides you with a smoother surface. We used P320 sand paper by 3M.
*I don't have a picture of the entertainment center sanded, but really, it's boring,'re welcome.

 It took us a few coats but, eventually, it looked like this..

And finally, when it all dried, we put it back together, attached the hardware using a power drill (and a little assistance from Joe the handyman, aka, Elysa's boyfriend) and viola! Ugh, it's just so much prettier I cant even deal. Are you swooning yet?!

There ya have it. This whole project cost us less than $ can't even buy one decent looking dresser for that price and we have two dressers and an entertainment center. Also, did I mention that we did it in one weekend? Seriously, what's not to love about this project? Painting furniture is one of the most effective and most cost efficient ways to spruce up a boring space! Besides, it's fun. 

Dressers : IKEA - MALM 3-drawer chest in black-brown
Entertainment Center: IKEA - Besta TV bench with doors in black-brown

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