Friday, September 18, 2015

New Apartment Tour!!

Guys....I need a minute to gather myself......

OK, drum roll please...

After a, very long, very stressful, journey moving (yet again) to our new home in Minnesota, we are FINALLY here...and I have no words to explain my obsession with our new place. No. Words. It's a perfect one bedroom apartment for my little family in the perfect location (i.e: walking distance to endless shopping...cough* Home Goods cough*....and 30 minutes to The Mall Of America..) It's like my own little slice of Heaven over here!! We'll see how far into the winter I get before calling it my own little slice of Hell...But shhh. Let's just, for now, live in this fantasy world where there is no winter and Maple Grove, MN really is the perfect place. Yay! 

 Alright, so basically over the next couple weeks I'm going to be unpacking and getting settled, and unpacking some more...but if I'm being honest, we've been here for almost 4 days now and I haven't even attempted to unpack the closet. I don't know if anybody else can relate, but when I get into a new place, all I want to do is plan exactly how I'm going to decorate the whole place, room by room. I literally can't even help it. I would much rather spend my time wandering around Home Goods and TJ Maxx taking mental notes of everything I plan on buying, than spend it unpacking...because...boring, am I right?! Anybody? 

As you can gather from my posts, I'm going to be documenting my process in making this apartment into our home here on California Cupcake! So since the process is officially underway, I wanted my first post to be pictures of the new place completely empty before we moved anything in or unpacked anything! That way we can get a real feel for what we are working with and what I have planned! 

Let's start the tour!

This picture is taken from the front entry. This is the kitchen island and the living room. The whole place has wood floors except for in the bedroom which, as far as personal preference perfect! It makes the living areas so so easy to clean but keeps the bedroom nice and cozy.

That door to the right is the washer and dryer. and the hallway leads to the bedroom and the bathroom. The wall space to the left where the outlet is...(if you can even see that) will be my little office space!!! So many plans I'm gonna pee myself...not really, but I'm excited.

Here is a view of the whole kitchen. I think this is my favorite part of the whole apartment...major swooning over the granite counter tops for real!
**Note Tyson telling me to take him on a walk...

Here are a couple pictures of our bathroom...ignore my road trip hair and try getting your shit together while you're in a car for three days ;)  Can I just say how seriously excited I am to have a double vanity this year?! No more hoovering over the same tiny sink when we brush our teeth or trying to share a tiny mirror while Mr. Princess does his hair in the morning...Sorry Cam, you're secret is out...

It was actually rather challenging to get a picture of the bedroom...this was the best I could get. When I first walked in, it looked a little on the smaller side, but once we put our bed in it I realized it's actually the biggest bedroom we've had in the four years and five homes we've lived in together...who wouldn't be excited about that!?

And finally, the closet!! Again, it's really hard to get a picture of this closet, so bear with me.. (bear..bare? idk.) Anyways...I have BIG PLANS for this closet...excited is an understatement!! But shhh, that's later.

Alright guys, that concludes my little virtual tour of our new home! I hope you like it! I have so many crazy plans to spruce this already beautiful place up and make it my own. I can't wait to show you all the great ways to decorate a rental! Stay tuned cupcakes!

P.S. Right now, I'm working with nothing but an Iphone 6 camera, but a new camera is in the works so hang in there!! :) 

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  1. Hey Shan!! Okay so I will be moving to Denver in the coming weeks (so I will completely feel your pain for the winter) and also will need all your tips on decor! Cant wait! I love your blogs btw!

    1. Hi Cass! Thank you! That means so much! And good! We can complain to each other all winter! lol You'll have to tell me all about your new place when you get there! have an amazing time! <3