Monday, September 14, 2015

Five Dollar DIY Dessert Tower

Hi Cupcakes! 

It feels so good to finally be getting another post up for you guys! I'm sorry I've literally been MIA here for like over a week now. This week is our moving week (from Califoria to Minnesota for those of you who haven't read my About Me post) and I've been so wrapped up in packing and goodbyes. But I'm back! And I'm so excited for the next few posts I have planned! 

I'm currently in the middle of nowhere (somewhere on the I-80 in Nebraska) typing this post up on my Blogger iPhone app. I've literally typed this whole post like three times now and it keeps force quitting on me. I'm gonna lose my ish for real if it happens one more time, so let's hope I get through it! Bare with me guys...

So originally I was calling these babies "Cupcake Towers" because I made them for the cupcakes we had at Rachel's bridal shower. But I felt like that didn't give them enough credit for how versatile they really are so now I'm calling them "Dessert Towers". But you can call them whatever your little heart desires. :) 

Things you'll need:
- 3 glass plates (got mine from the 99 cent store) 
- 2 glass candle stick holders (99 cent store)
- Epoxy glue ( had on hand but you can buy it at lowes)

STEP ONE : Clean all of your pieces before you start anything because once you glue them together it's harder to get the finger prints off! 

Get your glue ready and line the bottom rim of the candle stick holder with it. Place the glue lined candle stick holder on the center of your bottom plate. Wait a minute or two for the glue to dry. Now Line the TOP of the same candle stick holder with glue and place your second place (centered) on the top of the candle stick holder...wait for it to should look something like this...

Repeat step two for the third tier and let the whole thing set and dry! And that's a wrap! 

Remember those cute cupcake toppers we made?! 

Guys! These were so so easy I can't even stand it. Literally, there is no trick or tip to make it work, it's just simple all on its own! And it literally cost five dollars! What?! For real guys. 

Here is a couple of pictures of them in action at the bridal shower!

Ugh!! But seriously how amazing are these babies?! I'm obsessed! And the BEST part of this project is that I plan on repurposing these guys in my bathroom and on my vanity for all my fave products!! Are you dying yet?! I am. I can't wait to show you guys!! Look out for my upcoming post with more pictures from the bridal shower! That dessert table was the reeeaaalll deal guys...can't wait! 

Hope you loved this as much as me! So glad to be back! This week will be crazy moving into our new place but I am crazy excited to show you the new place and start decorating!!

P.S. Sorry if this post isn't centered or the formatting is weird. I have such little control using the app compared to using the computer. I'll fix whatever ugliness comes out of this as soon as I have access to my computer! But for now, I'm writing to you from the middle of you'll live! 

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