Thursday, February 11, 2016

DIY Coat Hooks!

Recently, we transferred ourselves from a one bedroom to a two bedroom unit and added a roommate to the mix. Why? Well, because moving across the country twice a year wasn't quite enough for we thought we would throw this in too! *rolls eyes*. We stayed in the same complex, the one we talked about in my New Apartment Tour! post. We all know how obsessed I am with this place, we just wanted a little more space, plus, we save a little on rent every, win! Anyways, the point of all of that was to explain that our new roommate has brought in some new additions to our apartment, including a wine rack (that he made by hand...that's right guys, I now live with A CARPENTER...think of all the possibilities!). The list also included coat hooks that were simple and totally efficient, but needed a little guess what...that's right, I painted it! Shocking, I know. But what can I say. 

So with this project, I obviously started with a finished coat rack that just needed to be re-painted. However, it would be ridiculously easy for you to do a quick run to Home Depot and pick up one of these babies for $1.75, some hooks and screws, and boom...coat hooks. For the sake of this post though, we are obviously going to skip right to the painting part. 

1.) First we picked up all our supplies!

You can use a regular screw driver instead of the drill, but I'm all about quick and easy. As for the other things you see here, we grabbed primer for about $8, a Beher paint sample that we talked about in this post! in whatever shade of white you like. A 2" paint brush, an inexpensive one, a paint stir stick, and one of those thingy-majigs that opens the paint cans nice and easy. Not pictured is some 3m sand paper! And then of course, your completed coat hooks!

2.) Take all your hooks out...

Obviously if you are putting together your own hooks, just paint it before you install the hooks ;) 

3.) Sand it all down!

Make sure you sand every side and edge! 

4.) Prime Prime Prime!

Paint a nice even coat of primer all over your base. Don't miss any edges or sides! I mention in a few of my other posts how important priming is, so I'm sure you already know...but for my new readers, priming helps even everything out, smooth everything over and it gives your paint a nice base to stick to! I did a quick coat of this and let it completely dry before I began painting.

5.) Paint and add your hooks!

Once your primer dries you can paint it whatever color your little heart desires! Wait for your paint to completely dry and then screw your hooks in place and done! 

I used these hooks near the front door in combination with a shoe rack for our own little mud room :) 

This project was done in one day. It was so easy and now the coat hooks aren't just functional, they're pretty! :) 

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