Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cupcake Toppers!

 Hi Cupcakes!

The last couple of weeks have been so unbelievably busy! One of my favorite people in the whole world (Rachel) is getting married in December, and I am lucky enough to be her Maid Of Honor. One of the many things I've been so busy with lately is her upcoming bridal shower! (along with a few home decor projects for the bride's new apartment that I'm so so excited to share with you soon!) These adorable cupcake toppers are one of a few projects I'm working on for the shower and I'm so glad I can finally get this post up for you guys! So let's just dive right in here...

 I absolutely LOVE the way these cupcake toppers came out! They are simple and classy and not to mention so easy to make! 

Here is a list of items you will need to make these little cuties:
- Computer paper
- A Printer
- Black Satin Ribbon (I got mine for $.96 at Michaels)
- Toothpicks 

The first thing I did was open up Microsoft Word on my computer and create a new document. I made 4 rows of 8 " I do " 's. I browsed the fonts and chose a classic script font in black ink to go along with Rachels black and white classic traditional theme. You can choose whatever font and color your little heart desires! You could even change up the color of the paper and ribbon if you want to get really creative! I needed about 60 "I do"s for all the cupcakes, so I printed 3 pages just to be safe. Here is what it should look like...

 Once I had the pages printed, I grabbed my handy dandy Martha Stewart Crafts Heart Punch ( I can't even explain what a life-saver this thing is!)

 The best way to use the Heart Punch in the project is upside down. I totally realize that might sound weird, but using it upside down allows you to be sure that your "I do"s are centered on your heart cut out. And we all know how important centering is!! Cutting out all of the hearts took me maybe ten minutes MAX. ( I told you the Heart Punch is a life can thank me later ;) )

Once you have all the tiny hearts cut out, grab that glue gun and your toothpicks and start gluing! Make sure you are working on a surface that you don't mind getting a little glue on! (I used an old file folder) All you need is a tiny dot of glue...don't get glue happy because it will seep through the paper! (Yikes). Once all the little hearts were on my toothpicks, I started on the ribbon. After a few trial and errors, I learned that the best way to add the bows is to cut the ribbon to your desired length, tie it in a bow (or like a shoe lace), cut the excess ends off, and glue! After you're finished with allll that gluing, you'll hopefully end up with your own version of these babies!!

These are great for special events, birthday parties, bridal showers, etc. I had so much fun making them and I hope you do too!! 

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