Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dining Room Table Make-Over!!

Hi Cupcakes!

So today we're talking about another piece of furniture that needed an INTENSE make-over. The future bride that I mentioned in my previous post, called me up one day because she found this (kind of hideous) dining room table and a set of four (equally hideous) chairs for like $40 at goodwill. (I really have a love/hate relationship with that place) Anyways, Rachel really liked the style of the table and the height, but it clearly needed to be spruced up. Of course, the little DIYer in my head was like "buy it now!". So,  Rachel gets a dining room table for $40, and I get to share the make-over process with you guys...that's like, a serious win/win, am I right? And so the process begins....
Before       /       After

Okay, so here is a list of the things we used for this project:
- Ugly table and chairs from Goodwill ;) $40
- Interior paint (black) - I used this paint! $27.47
- Primer - I used this kind! $11.98
Foam Rollers - Don't forget to use the right rollers that we talked about in this post! -$5.37
- Small Brushes (like this) for the tiny (annoying) crevasses!! - $0 (had these on hand)
 - Drop Cloths (Sheets, newspaper, or be totally legit and grab some for like $2 at Home Depot)

 So this is what the table looked like when Rach first brought it home...I mean, I guess I wouldn't call it hideous, but let's be honest, it aint pretty.
As you can probably (hopefully) tell, the chairs were not sold with the table as a set, it was honestly such a lucky find for Rach and it just happened to work out that the chairs were the perfect height.

 Sad little dining room :(

And here is the paint used in this project...Glidden Premium Paint + Primer....Even though this is a duo paint with primer in it, I always ignore that and use my own primer...just to be safe, because who wants to spend all this time painting just to have it chip off at every little use of the surface...not me!

 Okay, so the best part about this project, is that it's so easy, that I really don't have a whole lot of instructions for you! Basically, the first thing you're going to want to do, is find a clean, dry, and ventilated place to work...(The ventilated part is important because, well, you can't finish the masterpiece if you're high on paint fumes...). We were originally planning on working in the backyard, so we dragged all of the (heavy) furniture outside and set everything up....and then (like ten minutes later), we came to the conclusion that we were nuts because it was 100 degrees outside and this was just not happening...so we (complained for like ten minutes) pulled it together, and moved back inside. We ended up working in Rachel's little dining room because it was right next to the AC, and right under a ceiling fan. 

Now, normally, once you're settled in your project spot, you should take apart whatever it is that you're painting. That was just not happening for this project. We just could not find a way to take this stuff apart. So we decided to just wing it. We sanded everything lightly, primed as usual, and painted a few solid coats. The tiny crevasses are seriously the BIGGEST pain in the butt (hence the little tiny paint brushes), but we worked it out and it turned out great!
Projects like these won't always go as planned so it's important to be able to just go with the flow!

And finally...the finished product!!

The cost of this whole project (including the cost of the table and chairs) was $88.79!! Obsessed. Not to mention that we did this whole thing in...wait for it...ONE DAY....and we had time to bake cookies at the end of the day...(which, lets be honest, makes everything better)

Well, that's it today! I hope you enjoyed this post! I'd really love to hear what you guys think so leave me comments and let me know if you've done any projects like this one! 

P.S. The dreamy curtains are from IKEA and will be featured in my next post ;) 

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